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The stars are born

March 2, 2012 - 17:10

The newest caeles puppies are here, and this time the theme will be “stars”, it fits well since Stella means star in latin and italian, and the sire is UFO .. and you gotta be looking at the stars if you wanna see a UFO ;) Individual names will be picked when the puppies are older, but at least the theme is set.

On the evening on the 1st of march Stella’s water broke, 15 minutes later the first puppy was born a beautiful fawn boy. He was very lively, gave me a good scream when he was born and went straight to the milkbar.

About an hour later the 2nd puppy was born, she took a little longer coming out, hindlegs first, but Stella managed just fine and no help was needed. A cream girl was born, just what I wanted and hoped for. She was also very lively and active as soon as she came out and headed to the milkbar.

Half an hour went by when puppy number 3 came out, a cream boy! Like his brother and sister he was already active, needed no help to find the milkbar to join his siblings.

Another half hour and out comes the 3rd boy, he is blue and beutiful, nice clean color. After drying off and the weigh in he headed to the bar as well.

And Stella keeps her times good.. 30 minutes passed and the 5th and last puppy was born, a cream girl, yay!! I got 2 cream girls to choose from. Like her siblings she was very active and wanted to go to the bar after being checked up and weighed.

All the puppies looked very nice and vital, Stella is an excellent mother and the puppies know what they are doing and have been drinking, sleeping and pooping since they were born.

I am extremely happy with this litter, I’ve been excited about it since the moment I decided to mate Stella with Ufo because I do think they are a great match, this was not a mating based on color, but getting the cream puppies is just the icing on the cake.

Now, what would this puppyblog be if it wasn’t for photos of the super cute puppies :)

Fawn boy:

Born: 10.44, birthweight: 176 gr / 1 day : 178 gr

Cream girl:

Born: 23.55, birthweight: 230 gr/ 1 day: 237 gr

Cream Boy:

Born: 0.25, birthweight: 230 gr/ 1 day: 237 gr

Blue Boy:

Born: 1.03, birthweight: 189 gr/ day 1:185 gr

Cream girl 2:

Born: 1.22 ,birthweight: 194 gr/ 1 day: 200 gr

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So as you can see, all the puppies are absolutely stunning, the most beautiful puppies in the world ;)

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