Stay tuned

December 4, 2014 00:00

Obviously I have not kept this blog up at all during this litter at all.

My computer is just awful, and I haven’t had the time to take all photos and files and programs and and and … on a disk and have it fixed. And doing the blog is the worst, pop ups always, whenever I push something,

Anyhow, on Sunday I am going to pull through, put blogs with photos from each photoshoot of the pups. This is one of my better litters, and I still have 1 boy available.

So Sunday… afternoonish, stay posted :)

first stacks tomorrow

September 11, 2014 21:10

The pups are 4 weeks old today, so tomorrow we will make an attempt to do the first stacks. I have been doing mini stacks with them, am curious what we’ll get tomorrow, these guys have a mind of their own and they’re not afraid to say what they want… or don’t want.

There’s lots of playing and exploring, the boys both seem to be more curious than the girls, they all love their food and I just can’t make up my mind of who I like the best, they all draw me in in one way or another.

So until tomorrow, and I WILL be better with weekly updates from now on, maybe more if I can but at least weekly stack photos and progress blogs.

I am slowly starting to consider potential owners for these pups, so feel free to contact me (not here in comments but through my e-mail ) if you are interested. I am just as open to normal non show homes as I am to show/coursing/racing.. whatever, the goal is a fantastic forever home.

-but just fyi, I am not promising anything to anyone at this point, I am aiming to keep one of the girls and I will take all the time I need to make my choice, and I do want to see how the boys are developing before I make any promises. But in the end, I am not sending them away as “future showstars”, they go from me as pets, I can not promise that they will be “showstars”, I can say they will be great housedogs, sofa potatoes, energy bunnies on the field and love you forever and ever. I can also say if I think they show good promise, but that is it.

That being said, good night, sleep tight and check back in tomorrow afternoon/evening (after 4pm my time)

3,5 weeks

September 7, 2014 23:35

return of the bad blogger…  I don’t even know if people are reading this or not, but anyways here goes.

Just took a few photos of the pups on my ipad, the  quality  is bad since there isn’t enough light, but I thought I’d post them here.

The pups are starting to really walk around, be more awake.. it’s so boring when they are just sleeping and drinking, cute, but I have been waiting for this,.. for them to really get up on their feet and explore. So puppy pen is set up, and they have some space now to practise walking.

Boy 1 definitely takes the “cutest puppy” prize, it is impossible to not think he is cute he just has that “awwww” look, curious little guy, smallest of the litter. His brother is the biggest in the litter, he’s more calm, needs a bit more time to explore and look at new things and then the 2 girls, they are both so pretty, black girl seems to be more open, blue girl seems to have more balance, it’s the first time where I am just not sure who is the best/who I like the best.

Boy 1

Boy 2

Blue girl

Dark girl

10 days

August 24, 2014 16:09

Ok time for photos :)

All is well with the puppies, sleep-drink-sleep-drink that’s how the days are :)

Lets start with photos 5 days ago

blue girl

dark girl

boy 1

boy 2

And here are the photos I took today, they are 10 day old :) Soon we should see them starting to open their eyes, can’t wait :)

Boy 1

Boy 2

Blue girl

dark girl

That’s all for now. There isn’t so much to say at the moment, will be more once their eyes open and they start moving around :) Wil try to be better with the blogging, but like I said, I have a virus or viruses, and need to get my computer in order, just don’t have time to remove all the programs, photos and everything on to an external hard drive, and then either erase all that’s left, or take it to the shop and let them fix it for me…  it’s so sloooooow makes me crazy!

But that’s just how things go… time to bath the poodle and the puff :)

1 week

August 21, 2014 13:45

Not daily blogs like I have done in the past, sorry for that. My laptop is most likely full of some viruses and malware and stuff that is not supposed to be there, so every time I try to do something online, I get pop up windows if I want to add a photo, copy a text.. what ever, if I click with the mouse… up comes a new pop up and for that reason, I have not done the blog, or other things that require me to use the laptop over my ipad.

The pups are doing really well, drinking, growing, I can’t believe they are already a week old. Luna is a great mother and all is good, they are gaining weight, they are extremely mobile and I like what I see.

For those who are interested, requests are welcome. And all requests are welcome, I don’t require just show or performance homes, I want good permanent homes that will love their puppy to the moon and back, and give him/her the best possible life.

But do know, I do not make any promises right now, there will be no decicion making about who gets who until at least 6 weeks of age. I am keeping one, and I will take whatever time I need to choose the one I want.

I need to make the photos I have smaller so they can be uploaded here, and will do new photos today, so this evening or this weekend there should be some movement here :)


August 15, 2014 15:13

Yesterday Luna gave birth to 2 beautiful blue boys and 2 beautiful girls black/dark seal and blue. These pups have a very cool birthdate 14/08/14, and to top it off the first one (blue girl) was born at 14:00 and the last one (black/dark seal girl) was born 14:57.

Luna had been totally normal, in the night, no digging or being restless. She usually wakes me up by standing over my face and giving me a quick kiss, like stabbing me with her tongue. Not my favorite way of waking up lol, but it’s something she gets from her mother Stella, and Stella got it from Elmo so lets just assume that these newborns will do the same when they grow up ;)

Anyway, normally that is Luna’s wake up call, but yesterday morning that did not happen, and I overslept (no worries I am on vacation, but I do have 100 things that need to be done so I had plans to use the day).

When I finally woke up Luna was fine with just sleeping some more, normally she gets all excited that we are awake and the day is starting and she grabs a toy and shows us and her whole body wags with her tail. But this morning she wanted to sleep. So I figured in the evening or next day the pups would come.

Well, we wake up, go upstairs and let the other dogs out, feed them, clean and do what needs to be done. at 12.40 I sit down with my lunch and start watching suits, 20 minutes in the show Luna is looking for a place to go, but doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the sofa, dogbed, dogbed, other sofa… and she walks torwards the stairs and looks at me and I know what she is asking for.

So down we go, she lies down in bed, and I with her, the puppies are coming in a few hours I figure since I had seen no signs just a very calm Luna. I go up and put the dogs in crates, and then go back to Luna. She was extremely calm and collected. An hour later, (14:00) the first puppy is born, a blue girl, 19 minutes later a boy is born, and 5 minutes another boy. Then a half hour break and out comes the black/dark seal girl and we’re done!

I am so impressed with Luna, how well she did and how calm she was. A dream birth process in all ways. Luna is a great mother, she’s not over doing it in any way, wasn’t licking them constantly like some mommies do, or pulling the cord.

So for those who are wondering why I have another litter, those who know me know I usually don’t breed a bitch until she’s 3 years or older and Luna is only 2,5, same with males, I prefer that they are at least 2 years old, preferably 3 or more, and Titus is 15 months. Those who know me also know, I health check my dogs before I do any matings. Neither Luna or Titus have had their eye checkes, or the new DNA tests. Doesn’t really sound like something I would do. And you’re right, I wouldn’t. This is the result of an accidental mating. A misunderstanding between me and Nick, I had woken up early that morning and went to get some groceries, normally Nick sleeps in and isn’t up if I run out for groceries, but not this morning… this morning he woke up, he rememberd I had talked about Luna coming up when she was done, so the words “up and done” stuck on his mind, and up Luna went and out with the dogs…  all the dogs! (the poodle, the powderpuff and the 4 IG males… ) Titus was the fastest, thank god! Out of the ones I had at home at the time of the mating, Titus is the one I would have chosen.

-I will do DNA checks, no worries, Luna’s sire Ufo has already been checked and clear of everything so I will do Stella, if she is clear, Luna will be clear by default. Titus comes from healthy parents, I will do a DNA check on him as well of course, and have his eyes checked soon, Luna will also have her eyes checked  as soon as she’s done with her role of motherhood.

So that was that, we just had to wait and see. I decided not to do an abortion, since it can cause infertility and I was not ready to take that chance. Originally my plan was to breed Luna to Wyatt, and then later to Titus. Then I had changed the plan since I will breed Penny to Titus (and Wyatt) so I thought I’d go for a different male I have had my eye on for Luna. But fate decided Luna and Titus will have babies, and that they had and so far I am very pleased with them.

Both Luna and Titus are very breed typical, they have really nice silouette’s wonderful carriage something I really miss seeing in many IGs now, they are light on the move, with good lift, reach and drive, keeping their beautiful & correct toplines on the move.

I am excited to see these pups get up on their feet, they are already very mobile, boy 2 and dark girl are hard to take photos of as they are moving all over the place, a very good sign.

The pedigree is interesting, this is an outcross, 0,2% COI in at least 6 generations I am not sure how far back the database calculates it.  When you look at the pedigree of Titus you see combined Australian, US and UK IGs ( 3 different standards) and now with Titus and Luna that makes a pedigree with a variety of Australian, US, UK and FCI IGs and I for one find it very interesting and I am sure these pups will do well wherever in the world they might go.

Enough talk for now, time for photos :)

Resting with mommy after todays photoshoot :)

Blue Girl born 214 grams and now 234 gaining 20 grams

Dark girl born 204 grams and now 220 gr gaining 16 grams

Boy 1 214 grams and now 216, just 2 grams but better than going down

And boy 2, biggest one 250 gr and now 264, +14 gr

That’s it for today :) I am going to go downstairs and stare at these little wonders :)


May 19, 2014 18:34

I WILL post tons of photos on Wednesday. Sorry for the lack of blogs and photos.. just a bit crazy here at the moment :)

working on a blog..

May 2, 2014 19:40

I have been sic, for the past 2 weeks, therefore no posts or updates or nothing.

I have 10 week photos that I am going to post, and on Wednesday I will do 12 week photos. The pups are crazy active these days, I haven’t been able to do half the things I planned to do as I’ve been sick. Hopefully this weekend I can do some lead training. They got their puppy collars on them for the first time today, it’s so funny to watch them, Phyllis managed to get hers off, and I am searching for it.. she hid it good ;)

They got chicken wings for the first time today, of course the adults tried to steal their wings when they had eaten their own wings, Phyllis kept forgetting that her wing would disappear every time she started to play with the dog trying to steal her wing.. , she wasn’t that interested in it so in the end, after I had chased the thiefs (Penny/Stella/Titus) and given the wing back to Phyllis I gave up and Justin bravely stole her wing, and got to eat it and Phyllis didn’t seem to care at all. Sharing is caring…

Jack defended his wing well, and let everyone know that this was HIS food and no one elses. Titus tried a few times, and Casper also.. I helped a bit but Jack did a good job, and got to eat his wing. Elma was the smartest, she went under the closet where I keep the dishes, and in a corner where no big dog can go, and there she could eat her wing without any disturbances or thiefs :) very smart girl :)

I hope we will get nice weather this weekend so I can take the pups out somewhere to let them run and play in a new area. It’s a bit cold and rainy now, and since I’ve been sick, I am not going to take the chance to go anywhere unless it is warm since I do not want to get sick again, I am not 100% healed, but still going to work on monday because 2 weeks of bedrest and sofa and watching the entire private practice seasons 1-6 gets very boring… and my back is hurting from all this laying down and taking it easy.

Anyhow, will see if I can’t get the photos up this weekend, and maybe some new normal photos if I take them out to run and play :)

8 weeks +++++

April 13, 2014 18:02

Holy moly I have been a BAD blogger! Not just bad… terrible!

Will make up for it right now!

So what has happened in the past weeks.. I have not done everything I have planned with the pups. I think I have all the time in the world… well, I don’t. I used to… now I don’t so that’s that.

My “brilliant” idea of having a pee box for the pups… fail.. big fail. Now I just try to catch them and put them out and host a party when they are done so they know doing it outside means FUN FUN FUN ;) Sometimes I catch them…. other times I step in pee and realise I didn’t catch them… lol. That’s just how it is.

So the pups are now more than 8 weeks old! I am like an old record saying yet again… time FLYES!  But I have the pleasure of their company a bit longer. Elma will be ready to move to Norway in the end of may. Iris, who is now Phyllis  will go to the USA in august and Jack will be with me.

I’ve got tons of photos. Well not tons… but I got plenty of photos to share.

Last weekend when the pups where just over 7 weeks I got a visit from Lena. The pups all got their first vaccination, and the big needle… the microchip. That’s one big needle. And since some people never get to see just how big that needle is.. I took a photo, so you can see what we mean when we say “ouch big ass needle”

you see… BIG needle.

Well that was the scary photo. How nice of me to put that one first. During the vaccination and chipping, there was very little drama. They behaved quite well, with minimal arguing about big needle, and small needle. Proud of my puppies :)

I am going to start with the 7.5 week photos, of course Lena was used as a stacker while I took photos of the puppies… from all angles:)

Miss Phyllis, Caeles Momentary Lack Of Reason -moving to the United States of America to the breeders of her grandpa Ira, Avery and Stephanie McLeod, knl Alfheim :) Yay we are all excited !

Miss Elma who is going to Helene in Norway :) Caeles Cherish The Moment . She is going to make her know what it is to own an IG, and make a great impression :)

And Mr Jack Daniel Emilsson , Caeles Momentum, my boy.. handsome, stubborn little boy who makes me work for it.. man oh man this will be fun

These pups are a lot of fun. Very active, and have big personalities, they are all very different, in both looks and personalities, but it’s so fun to just sit and watch them.  They have been enjoying the nice weather we’ve had. They go out in the sun with the others and sunbath, and play and play and play.. and eat, and play. That’s how their days are. Now that they have their vaccines I can actually start to take them out. This week I am going to attempt to put leashes on them and see how that goes…

So last wednesday the pups turned 8 weeks old. And of course it was time to take photos. I might not have been good at keeping the blog up, but I have been doing the photos. The weather was quite ok outside, a tiny bit cold, just teeny tiny… enough for Jack to say no way jose… but for Phyllis and Elma it was just fine, so they got their pretty outdoor photos while Jack got his blah inside photo.. I know I will boink myself in the head for not having the patience to get a proper photo of him but he was not in the mood.. and I was cooking dinner (dinner that was burning…) so I gave in.

That’s all I got, he is standing nicely there, finally, it was the last second I tried before I had to run and save our dinner.. but a bit wrong angle.




Yesterday (Saturday) we had Ziva’s owners here for a visit. They came to pick up Ziva and take her home, so now there is no more stealing milk for the puppies, they had mostly stopped but liked to try to get a sip here and there. The first day has gone very well, I don’t notice the pups searching for their mom, they have plenty of other dogs to play with and learn from and Stella makes sure everything is in order.

After they left with Ziva and we had attended to a “work thing” it was lazy evening in the sofa. The pups are all asking now to come and sit with us in the sofa. They are still learning that when in the sofa, they have to behave and not play or try to chew the sofa, or jump on the others. Sofa is for cozy time :)

And then we come to today. I have been busy today. There is a DNA study for auto immune diseases in italian greyhounds. This study is in the USA, and they need samples from IGs, healthy, affected or possible carriers. Along with auto immune diseases they are looking for dogs with Congenital Megaesophagus, CDA, Calve Legg perthes…, and there I could actually contribute, as I have had dogs with CDA, and Abby from my “boxing” litter was diagnosed and operated for Calve Legg perthes. So naturally I participated, and hope and pray that they will find the markers for these diseases, so that we have DNA tests available, and can avoid this all together! Now wouldn’t that be AWESOME!  I don’t know where the calve legg perthes comes from. It might not even been something she inherited at all, it might have been an infection gone bad from when she twisted her hip when she got her foot stuck going out of a crate.. I could not take the chance in breeding her. This was to big of a thing. But if I had the test I could know for sure. So I lost Abby from my breeding program, that’s just how it goes. Breeding isn’t just fun and games and cute puppies and whoop-di-do .

But what’s important is that Abby has a good life, she can run, very fast and enjoy life to the fullest and that is what counts.

-anyhow, back to the DNA tests. I took buccal swabs from all my dogs, I got buccal swabs from Abby and her daddy Flame (on the above photo), Myla (C. Timeless Beauty), I actually remembered to do Ziva yesterday, it would have been so typical of me to forget to do her and then she’d be gone lol! But I got them all, Ira and his kids here, Stella and her kids, Joey and his kids, Titus, and the puppies as well.

-no photo of Jack making his contribution as I didn’t think about taking a photo of it until I did the girls.


-I don’t know how to turn it… sorry, this is daddy Emil giving his contribution

It’s about time for me to wrap it up and start cooking some dinner for us, and feed the puppies as they just woke up. I have one last photo to share… I have been saving up some things to send along with the pups when they go. Now since Phyllis is going to the USA I know they have everything, and then some and I doubt there will be space for the things, and Jack is staying with me, this is Elma’s collection of things she gets with her when she goes to her new fab home in Norway  :)

so what do we have here


*treats + treatbag

toothbrush (toothpaste missing.. need to order it)


food + foodbowl

usb stick where I will put all photos and info, documents etc

There are still a few things missing..

That’s it, time for dinner, pups are up and active and my man is starting to look at me with “aren’t you going to start making the good dinner we planned yesterday but ordered pizza instead” eyes :)

7 weeks

April 3, 2014 20:27

I can’t believe how time really flyes! Soon it will be time for Ziva to go back home to her very excited owners who miss her like crazy.  I am sure she will be happy to go back to her dogfamily, get to run on the beach and in the forrest.

She is a really great mom, takes such good care of her pups,  but not to worry. All the other dogs help out with the puppies and make sure they are well rounded and social :)

I don’t have any stacked photos at the moment, we will do them tomorrow. But I do have cute photos, with each pups registered name :)